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Tournament Rules

  • 5 fish limit - Small mouth, large mouth, and spotted bass only

  • Puncture cull tags are not allowed

  • Artificial lures only

  • No dock fishing permitted

  • Any areas marked, "No Fishing"

  • Lunker must be alive to count for lunker prize money

  • Life jackets must be worn while combustion engine is running

  • All PA state rules and regulations apply

  • All protests must be submitted in writing to the tournament director within 30 minutes after scale closing

  • All anglers must check in with the check-in boat prior to weigh in. There will be a check-in boat in place for each tournament. 

  • Dead fish will result in 8oz penalty for each fish dead. Fish under 12" or 15" when applicable will result in disqualification of that event.

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