About Us

Non Profit 100% Payback series.

The Raystown Elite Series is a Pro Tournament format which means anglers fish out of a boat with no co-angler.

There will be a $20 yearly membership fee. This covers insurance costs and permit fees.

This must be paid at the first tournament an angler fishes.

This is a (5) one-day tournament series with a 2 day championship.  Anglers must fish 3 of 5 tournament days to qualify for the 2 day championship.

Entrance fees for 1 day will be $50 for the tournament plus $10 lunker, $60 total, with 100% payback.

The Championship will be $100 & $20 for lunker.  Lunker will be paid out each day.

For this year, all sign-ups will be done at the ramp the morning of the tournament and will be CASH ONLY. No checks.

All anglers must sign a release of liability form at sign up and must carry insurance on their boat.

Please contact Andy Getsy or Ashley Shope at: raystowneliteseries@gmail.com